The REMODEL vision will be pursued by developing the following technological and scientific objectives:

Objective 1. Manipulation devices and robotic platforms specialized for the manipulation of DLOs

Objective 2. 3D environment reconstruction, part identification, localization and deformation tracking

Objective 3. Modelling, identification, prediction and tracking of DLO shape and behaviour

Objective 4.  Control algorithms based on perception data and DLO models, to join task planning and feedback control

Objective 5. DLOs grasp and manipulation control by vision-tactile-proximity data fusion, to manipulate DLOs in partially structured environments

Objective 6. Exploring Interactive Perception paradigm, to enrich sensory data with action to robustify the perception

Objective 7. Motion planning in clutter environments and manipulation of complex DLOs composed by multiple branches

Objective 8. Automated task planning to generate task sequence for the robots automatically from digital product design

Objective 9. Teaching by demonstration and tutored learning of robot skills, for new assembly references and tasks

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the technologies developed in REMODEL, a comprehensive set of industrial manufacturing use cases involving DLOs manipulation will be implemented and studied:

Use case 1: Switchgear wiring

Use case 2: Wiring harnesses manufacturing

Use case 3: Wiring harness assembly

Use case 4: Hose packaging