WP8: Communication, Dissemination, Exploitation and Knowledge Management


Communication activities are aimed at raising awareness on the project and promoting its findings to various audiences, including groups beyond the project’s own community, and measures for public/societal engagement.

Dissemination activities are targeted to disseminate project results to their potential users, including scientific and higher education, private and public stakeholders.

Exploitation activities focus on the identification of exploitable results generated by the project and on their future.

The Exploitation Manager will prepare and implement the exploitation strategies, identifying stakeholders and designing appropriate communication and dissemination strategies.

Innovation and Knowledge Management activities define the policies the consortium will apply in terms of publication policy (in particular with reference to Open Access) and of policy for protection and management of the exploitable knowledge (including IPR, patenting, spin-off/start-up, etc.).

In order to maximize the impact and the exploitability of the outcomes, this WP aims also at softening and overcoming the barriers for the implementation of the REMODEL technologies, by applying active measures to promote positive change and acceptance thereof. One mean toward this objective will be to make the system user friendly, acceptable, to be seen as a part of the users or as an extension of the user. The way how to achieve this objective will be to involve the workers in trials and provide them with training so that they can train the other workers, involving the senior management in the decisions to support in the implementation, and providing detailed explanations to unions about the changes that are being implemented.

Task 8.1: Stakeholder mapping & analysis [Leader: TECNALIA]

Task 8.2: Dissemination and communication plan [Leader: TECNALIA]

Task 8.3: Dissemination and communication activities [Leader: TECNALIA]

Task 8.4: Data Management Plan (DMP) [Leader: UNIBO]

Task 8.5: Exploitation plan [Leader: TECNALIA]

Task 8.6: Commissioning strategy [Leader: TECNALIA]

Task 8.7: Training of workers [Leader: TECNALIA]