Extrinsic Calibration of an Eye-In-Hand 2d Lidar Sensor in Unstructured Environments Using ICP

SEMG-Based Human-in-the-Loop Control of Elbow Assistive Robots for Physical Tasks and Muscle Strength Training

Model-based Manipulation of Deformable Linear Objects by Multivariate Dynamic Splines

A Low Cost Tactile Sensor for Large Surfaces Based on Deformable Skin with Embedded IMU

Safe and Energy Efficient Robotic System for Industrial Automatic Tests on Domestic Appliances: Problem Statement and Proof of Concept

Pointcloud-based Identification of Optimal Grasping Posesfor Cloth-like Deformable Objects

Effective Deployment of CNNs for 3DoF Pose Estimation and Grasping in Industrial Settings

Auto-generated Wires Dataset for Semantic Segmentation with Domain-Independence

An Approach for Modeling Grasping Configuration using Ontology-based Taxonomy

Training an Under-actuated Gripper for Grasping Shallow Objects Using Reinforcement Learning

Optical Force/Tactile Sensors for Robotic Applications

Tactile Sensors for Parallel Grippers: Design and Characterization

New Metrics for Industrial Depth Sensors Evaluation for Precise Robotic Applications

Combining Vision and Tactile Data for Cable Grasping

Validating DLO Models from Shape Observation

3D DLO Shape Detection and Grasp Planning from Multiple 2D Views

Robot Learning-based Pipeline for Autonomous Reshaping of a Deformable Linear Object in Cluttered Backgrounds

Beyond the Baseline: 3D Reconstruction of Tiny Objects With Single Camera Stereo Robot

Combining Unsupervised Muscle Co-Contraction Estimation with Bio-Feedback allows Augmented Kinesthetic Teaching

Exploiting In-Hand Knowledge in Hybrid Joint-Cartesian Mapping for Intuitive Teleoperation of Anthropomorphic Robotic Hands 

New Model-Based Manipulation Technique for ReshapingDeformable Linear Objects

Symplectic Integration for Multivariate Dynamic Spline-Based Model of Deformable Linear Objects

A Cyber-Physical System for Clothes Detection, Manipulation and Washing Machine Loading

Robotic Wires Manipulation for Switchgear Cablingand Wiring Harness Manufacturing

Deformable Objects Grasping and Shape Detection with Tactile Fingers and Industrial Grippers

Tactile sensor data interpretation for estimation of wire features

Proximity sensor for thin wire recognition and manipulation

Vision-Based Robotic Solution for Wire Insertion with an Assigned Label Orientation

Tactile Sensors for Parallel Grippers: Design and Characterization

Effective Deployment of CNNs for 3DoF Pose Estimation and Grasping in Industrial Settings

Tell Me, What Do You See?—Interpretable Classification of Wiring Harness Branches with Deep Neural Networks

Ariadne+: Deep Learning-based Augmented Framework for the Instance Segmentation of Wires

Human to Robot Hand Motion Mapping Methods: Review and Classification

sEMG-Based Minimally Supervised Regression Using Soft-DTW Neural Networks for Robot Hand Grasping Control

Simulative Evaluation of a Joint-Cartesian Hybrid Motion Mapping for Robot Hands Based on Spatial In-Hand Information

Towards a Twisted String Actuated Haptic Device: Experimental Testing of a 2-D Virtual Environment and Teleoperation Interface

FASTDLO: Fast Deformable Linear Objects Instance Segmentation and Modelling

Cable Detection and Manipulation for DLO-in-Hole Assembly Tasks

Wire Grasping by Using Proximity and Tactile Sensors

Point Cloud Registration With Object-Centric Alignment

Real-Time Instance Segmentation of Pedestrians using Transfer Learning

Stability and Convergence Analysis of 3D Feature-Based Visual Servoing

An approach for the bimanual manipulation of a deformable linear object using a dual-arm industrial robot: cable routing use case

A Weakly Supervised Semi-Automatic Image Labeling Approach for Deformable Linear Objects

RT-DLO: Real-Time Deformable Linear Objects Instance Segmentation

Deformable Linear Objects 3D Shape Estimation and Tracking From Multiple 2D Views

Robot Programming by Demonstration: Trajectory Learning Enhanced by sEMG-Based User Hand Stiffness Estimation

Extending the Motion Planning Framework—MoveIt with Advanced Manipulation Functions for Industrial Applications

CAD-Based Robot Programming Solution for Wire Harness Manufacturing in Aeronautic Sector

A Method for Understanding and Digitizing Manipulation Activities using Programming by Demonstration in Robotic Applications

An Approach based on Machine Vision for the identification and shape estimation of deformable linear objects

Copy and Paste Augmentation for Deformable Wiring Harness Bags Segmentation

Graphical visualization of contact forces and hand movements during in-hand manipulation

FASTDLO: Towards Real-Time Perception of Deformable Linear Objects