WP6: Sensory Systems and Mechatronic Tools


Commercial anthropomorphic robot arms, selected among those available in the partner laboratories, must be integrated with advanced mechatronic tools and sensory systems to tackle REMODEL use cases. To this aim, this WP is devoted to the development of the sensory system components and the mechatronic tools, necessary for the achievement of REMODEL objectives. For all devices the low-level needed firmware will be developed in this WP together with ROS packages to make available data for control algorithms developed in WP5. Moreover, this WP will tackle the mechanical integration of the developed devices into the robotic platforms for all use cases described in WP7. Specific tests for the evaluation of all developed tools will be executed using simplified testbeds and the feedback from these tests at different TRL levels will be used to optimize and finalize the integration process, before the end of the third year.

Task 6.1: Development of the robotic platforms [Leader: TAU]

Task 6.2: Development and optimization of sensory system components [Leader: UCLV]

Task 6.3: Cable grasping and connection tools [Leader: UNIBO]

Task 6.4: Cable routing tool [Leader: UNIBO]