WP2: Safety, System requirements and Performance Evaluation


This work package aims to analyze the applications and to define their requirements. The use cases will be deeply investigated to understand the planning and control parameters that need to be considered to solve the problems at hand. Moreover, OECD Job Quality Index will be measured as well as production time and cost before and after technology implementation to verify production improvements. Suitable surveys will be carried out for the evaluation of economic aspects. Another important aspect in this WP is the definition of safety requirements, to ensure the system will remain always safe during operation.

Task 2.1: Use cases analysis and requirements [Leader: TECNALIA]

Task 2.2: Assessment of potential application barriers and facilitators [Leader: UNIBO]

Task 2.3: Performance criteria and performance evaluation [Leader: UNIBO]

Task 2.4: Risk assessment and safety requirements [Leader: TECNALIA]

Task 2.5: Safety implementation, testing and evaluation [Leader: TAU]