This newsletter is a publication of the REMODEL project. Its goal is to provide information about the project activities and to showcase the project achievements.

REMODEL (Robotic technologies for the manipulation of complex deformable linear objects) project is a four-year project funded by the European Commission in the Horizon 2020 programme. The project consortium involves eleven partners.

REMODEL will enable new production environments, where the manufacturing of complex products composed of multiple wires and cables by means of robots is not only possible, but fully integrated with the product design chain. Wires, cables, wiring harnesses, laces and flexible tubes have a transversal application in many manufacturing processes, where these technologies could lean the scale for a total automation, decreasing the production costs and improving the worker conditions.



During last year, a General Assembly and our First Review meeting were held.

In May 2021, all partners participated in 4th General Assembly of the project, the meeting took place online due the situation of pandemic around the world. During the meeting, all work packages were discussed in detail, containing that all work done in the M12-M18 period and the plans and activities for the next M18-M24 period.

Next November, all REMODEL partners participated in the 5th General Assembly, as in the previous meeting, it took place online, and all work packages were discussed, explaining the work done in the M18-M24 period and the plans and activities for the next period.

The first REMODEL project review was held on 1st June 2021, the meeting took place online. The REMODEL consortium presented the progress made during this first period.

The review team considered that the project is progressing and has achieved all the objectives for the period.

REMODEL partecipated to the joint workshop on “Soft objects robotic manipulation for the future of European factories” held at the 2021 European Robotics Forum (https://erf2021.eu/) and organized by four EU projects:


This workshop will allow the four projects to compare their approaches and identify synergies and specificities. The main aim of the workshop was to present and discuss solutions for the handling of soft materials with robots, a topic will play a significant role in the factories of the future, in particular in sectors such as the textile, food, electric and electronics industries

REMODEL is now close to the end of the second year.

Partial demonstrators at TRL4 have been developed to evaluate the main problems associated to all the use cases according to the original work plan.

The critical stage of integration of the different technologies and results developed by the partners is now started.

The integration phase will consider the requirements of the production lines and the application constraints of the REMODEL use cases in terms of execution time, robotic platform footprint and safety with respect to human operators


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870133