To speak about the aeronautical sector is to speak about wealth and sovereignty. It is a strategic sector that clearly differentiates the countries that in their GDP bet on high added value and technology.

This sector, which is intensive in Capex, R&D and innovation, employs the best, and it is for this reason that maintaining it is crucial for countries in a situation of as much uncertainty as the one we live in these days due to the pandemic situation caused by COVID-19.

At Elimco Aerospace we are clear about the role we play as a company and as a group, within the auxiliary industry of the sector. Our capabilities and our commitment to R + D + i allow us to meet our goals in terms of time, quality and costs.

ELIMCO Aerospace is a leader in the production of electrical systems such as harnesses, control units, bays and consoles. On-board systems are elements that are part of the aircraft and obviously have very demanding requirements in terms of quality.

So we must continually give our best, optimizing processes. Thus, in the REMODEL project, Elimco focuses on the manufacture of one of its products, which are aircraft mallets. Manufacturing this item involves high manual production loads and many threads that become repetitive and painstaking tasks.

The incorporation of robotic arms to be able to carry out certain sections of the production system becomes the entry key to new programs and possibilities of transferring aeronautical knowledge to other sectors.

Written by ELIMCO