June witnessed the commencement of the conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems, between the 10th and 12th of the month. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the conference which was originally scheduled to take place in Tampere (Finland) was reorganized as a virtual conference, where the participants, presenters and speakers participated online.

The conference had 6 Technical Tracks spanning the various domains of ICPS and 9 approved Special Sessions focusing on very specific applicational niches of ICPS. The special session on ‘Cyber-Physical Systems for Deformable Object Manipulation’ (or informally referred to as the ‘REMODEL Special Session’) was organized by the members of REMODEL to document and present their progress, to provide a platform for other researchers working in similar avenues and to foster scientific and technological development in this field.

The primary organizers for the special session include Gianluca Palli (UNIBO), Jose Martinez Lastra (TAU), Krzysztof Walas (PUT), Pawel Lembicz (VW), Žiga Gosar (ELVEZ) and Aitor Ibarguren (TECNALIA).

The special session (SS) focused on topics in the area of, but were not restricted to, integrated approach to the modelling and simulation, perception, embedded control, digital components, sensors, actuator, manipulation tools and programming-by-demonstration of deformable object manipulation tasks for industrial applications.

The following section would highlight some of the facts and figures of the conference, focusing on the outcome of the REMODEL SS.

  • Total papers submitted to the conference: 186 (Numbers compromised due to the pandemic)
  • Total number of accepted papers: 117 (68.8% acceptance rate)
  • Total number of papers submitted to the REMODEL SS: 7
  • Total accepted papers in REMODEL SS: 4 (57.1% acceptance rate)
  • The accepted papers were:
    • Control Strategies for Dual Arm Co-Manipulation of Flexible Objects in Industrial Environments (Aitor Ibarguren, Paul Daelman, Miguel Prada)
    • A Low Cost Tactile Sensor for Large Surfaces Based on Deformable Skin with Embedded IMU (Yuki Iwamoto, Roberto Meattini, Davide Chiaravalli, Gianluca Palli, Koji Shibuya, Claudio Melchiorri)
    • Model-based Manipulation of Deformable Linear Objects by Multivariate Dynamic Splines (Gianluca Palli)
    • An Approach for Modeling Grasping Configuration Using Ontology-based Taxonomy (Wael M. Mohammed, Pablo Malvido Fresnillo, Saigopal Vasudevan, Jose L. Martinez Lastra, ŽIga Gosar)
  • The SS was chaired by Prof. Jose L Martinez Lastra and Prof. Gianluca Palli
  • All accepted papers will be published in the IEEExplore platform

The organization of special sessions in conferences is one of the multi-pronged approaches to document and disseminate the significance of DLO manipulation to the world. We (REMODELers) as a team, would be working towards furthering our findings in the above domains and will be working on newer and equally intriguing fields as our project progresses. Contributions and advances made by other scientific communities are welcomed and appreciated, as the ultimate aim of all of this is to promote automation for the welfare of humanity.

Written by TAU