ELIMCO’s setup has been installed and testing has already begun!

Always keeping in mind the Project objectives and our use case, the automation of the production of aeronautical cable harnesses, we have designed, in collaboration with Tecnalia, a complete test configuration, which is almost ready.

                 ✅ HW ready

                 ✅ ROS ready

                 ✅ Drivers ready

 Final grippers integration ongoing

In addition, tests related to cable grasping, the coordination of the robots and the insertion of the pins in the micro-perforated table have already begun.

                 Functional testing in progress

                         ➡Testing with in-house designed grippers

                         ➡Solving limited range with robot collaboration

                         ➡Communicating and sending moving commands through ROS

We expect to have the final test setup ready in the short term so that we can get the most out of it during the testing and experimentation phase.

Written by ELIMCO