Coronavirus Pandemic has a huge impact not only over the society, health care or economy, but also on the project activities. What actually should we do, when everyday life is turning upside down? How to fulfil the project tasks to push still forward a progress of project? Is that work actually possible at all and the most important thing – is that efficient? In this brief post you will learn all about it.

On 5th November 2020 took place already the third project meeting of REMODEL Project, in which all partners have participated. Initial plans supposed that the meeting is going to take place in Poznan, in Poland. However pandemic situation over the world has not allowed to arrange the meeting onsite, that is why the whole meeting took place online by using Microsoft Teams program. At appointment all representatives of each partner have made an appearance. To make the meeting more realistic, we were using web cameras in order to see us each other (see the picture below): 

During the meeting all work packages were discussed in detail, containing to that all work done in period M7-M12 and plans and activities for the next period M13-M18. The names of all work packages you can find on this website in section Project Structure. Whole meeting has lasted about 8 hours, during which there were many perceptive questions from side of each partner. At the meeting was also prof. Raul Suarez (The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), which has took part as a representative of Advisory Board. He was really impressed by our achieved work and results and gave us some tips and advices, which may be useful in next steps of project.

Whether then is it possible to carry out the project during the coronavirus pandemic? The answer is: YES.

Project is still realised and the work effects are visible to the naked eye, so despite of the difficulties and obstacles due to COVID-19, the efficiency has not decreased. However we count on that, pretty soon the pandemic situation over the world will die down and the next project meetings will be possible to arrange onsite. We wish us all that!

Written by VWP