Public Deliverables in REMODEL

All public deliverables will be included in this section. Those will be available one month after its deadline

January 2020 (M3)

April 2020 (M6)

July 2020 (M9)

October 2020 (M12)

February 2021 (M16)

April 2021 (M18)

June 2021 (M20)

October 2021 (M24)

  • D5.3 Bimanual cable manipulation. Demonstrator
  • D6.1 Robotic platforms. Document, report
  • D8.9 Intermediate exploitation plan. Document, report

January 2022 (M27)

  • D6.4 Cable routing tool. Document, report

April 2022 (M30)

  • D4.3 Cable realtime tracking. Demonstrator

June 2022 (M32)

  • D2.5.2 Assessments of system performance. Document, report
  • D2.6.1 Report on the robot safety tests. Demonstrator

October 2022 (M36)

  • D5.4 Wiring harness manipulation. Demonstrator
  • D8.7 Final data management plan. Websites, patents filing, press & media actions, videos, etc

February 2023 (M40)

  • D3.1 CAD platform interface. Document, report
  • D4.4 Component detection.  Demonstrator 

June 2023 (M44)

  • D3.2 User Interface. Demonstrator

August 2023 (M46)

  • D5.5 Interactive perception. Document, report

September 2023 (M47)

  • D3.3 Skill-based teaching by demonstration. Demonstrator

October 2023 (M48)

  • D2.5.3 Assessments of system performance. Document, report
  • D2.6.2 Report on the robot safety tests. Demonstrator
  • D7.1 Switchgear cabling use case. Demonstrator
  • D7.2 Wiring harness manufacturing use case. Demonstrator
  • D7.3 Wiring harness assembly use case. Demonstrator
  • D7.4 Hose packaging use case. Demonstrator
  • D8.10 Final exploitation plan. Document, report
  • D8.11 Commissioning strategy. Document, report
  • D8.12 Training protocol. Document, report